GED - Certificate of Competency

The General Education Development program prepares students for the General Education Development (GED) exam. The curriculum also prepares students for a pathway to other noncredit or credit programs. Students gain knowledge in college and career readiness, including career exploration and study skills. Services include test-taking strategies, hands-on computer practice testing, academic counseling, individual follow-up, and easy access to local GED testing center. The GED Certificate of Competency recognizes student achievement in GED preparation; however, students must pass the GED test in order to receive high school equivalency.

Required Courses


The GED courses prepare students in four subjects (language arts, math, social studies, and science) to be able to pass the GED high school equivalency exam, which is the equivalent of a high school diploma for those who did not finish high school. It is highly recommended that students see a counselor before enrolling in the GED program to determine student level of readiness; some students may be better served in the Adult Basic Education program prior to enrolling in GED.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate understanding of the concepts in language arts, mathematics, science, and social science that prepare students to pass the General Education Development (GED) exam.
  2. Demonstrate critical thinking skills to observe, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate ideas and information.
  3. Read with understanding and convey ideas effectively in writing.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of mathematical concepts and procedures to answer a question, solve a problem, make a prediction, or carry out a task that has a mathematical dimension.