Pasadena City College General Education Outcomes

  1. Communication: Use creative expression to communicate acquired knowledge or skills effectively. 
    1.1  Reading: Read and comprehend written material critically and effectively at the appropriate program level.
    1.2  Writing: Write in a clear, coherent, and organized manner, at the appropriate academic level, to explain ideas; to express feelings; and to support conclusions, claims, or theses. 
    1.3  Listening: Listen actively, respectfully, and critically.
    1.4  Creative Communication: Create or communicate through speech, music, art and/or performance.  
  2. Cognition: Use critical thinking skills to observe, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate ideas and information.
    2.1  Problem Solving: Identify and analyze real or potential problems and develop, test, apply, and evaluate possible solutions, using the scientific method where appropriate.
    2.2  Critical Thinking and Application: Formulate and apply knowledge, skills, ideas, and concepts to appropriate contexts.
    2.3  Quantitative Reasoning: Apply appropriate mathematical concepts and methods to understand, analyze, and explain issues in quantitative terms.
  3. Information Competency: Use research and technical skills effectively and ethically to achieve an objective.
    3.1  Information Literacy: Locate, retrieve, and evaluate information using appropriate research tools.
    3.2  Research Proficiency: Conduct research and present findings effectively and ethically including the use of correct source citations.
    3.3  Technological Literacy: Apply technology effectively to locate, evaluate, interpret, organize, and present information using appropriate research tools.
  4. Social Responsibility: Demonstrate sensitivity to and respect for others.
    4.1  Respect for Diversity: Demonstrate an understanding of the beliefs, opinions, and values of other people and cultures.
    4.2  Effective Citizenship: Demonstrate an understanding of the requirements for being an informed, ethical, and active citizen of the local community, California, the nation, and the world.
  5. Personal Development: Demonstrate an understanding of practices that promote physical, psychological, and emotional well-being.
    5.1  Awareness of Mind and Body: Demonstrate knowledge and practices that promote a sense of self as an integrated physiological, psychological, and social being.  
    5.2  Aesthetic Appreciation: Show an informed appreciation for artistic and individual expression.