Not-For-Credit Education

PCC Extension

PCC Extension, part of the Economic and Workforce Development Division, consists of two distinct strands:  Personal Enrichment and Professional Development.  Enrichment options include classes, workshops, and activities for community members desiring to try out short–term courses prior to starting credit courses, to explore interests, and to stay current in an increasingly complex society.  Professional Development courses and certificate programs provide employee trainings, re-skilling, and up-skilling to meet the specific needs of area employers.  Both classroom and online formats are used.  PCC Extension is fee-based, self-supporting, and open to the community, and is located at the Community Education Center.

For more information about PCC extension courses and programs, or to register, visit or call (626) 585-7608.

Contract Education

Contract Education, part of the Economic and Workforce Development Division, makes available to employers, in-demand solutions needed by businesses to meet their workforce development needs through customized training programs (classroom/online) that support skill building and career advancement for employees. For information, visit or call 626-585-7680.