Scholastic Requirements for Admission

Students who are high school graduates or the equivalent (GED, California High School Proficiency Examination), or who are 18 years of age or older and can profit from the instruction offered, may attend Pasadena City College. Certain two-year curricula have additional admission requirements (See Curriculum section). Students who are under 18 but have graduated from high school or earned the equivalent (GED, CHSPE) must provide documentation of high school completion to the Admissions Office.  Acceptable proofs include a high school transcript with graduation date posted (official or unofficial), GED completion certificate that certifies completion of all areas, or the certificate of completion from the California High School Proficiency Exam.

Application for Admission

All prospective students must submit a completed and signed application for admission.  The application is available online through the college website ( and in paper format for applicants under age 13 or who are unable to complete the online version. Returning students with a lapse of two consecutive primary terms (Fall and Spring semesters) must submit a new application. Once submitted, the application and any submitted supporting documents become the permanent property of the College and will not be returned to the applicant.

  1. Each person is expected to complete and sign his or her own application, and to provide true and accurate information. Deliberate falsification of information may result in disciplinary action.  
  2. Each person will be classified as a resident or non-resident for admission and tuition purposes based on the application for admission. (See BP 5015, AP 5015, BP 5020 and AP 5020 for information on residency determination and non-resident tuition.)
  3. Persons who possess or are applying for an F1 or M1 student visa may only be admitted upon submission of a completed International Student Application packet.  Holders of F1 or M1 student visas must be classified as non-residents for tuition purposes.
  4. Specific admission requirements and limitations apply to minors who are concurrently enrolled in a K-12 school or who are no longer attending a K-12 school.  See AP 5011 for more information on admission of minors to the college.

Applications generally open on or about October 1st for Winter and Spring terms, December 1st for Summer and Fall terms.  Consult the college website for exact dates. Once an application is processed, students will receive an email providing their Lancer ID number and instructions for activating their LancerPoint account and college email. This is a critical step for all students to complete as information regarding their financial aid, academic standing, waitlisted classes, registration issues and more are communicated only through LancerPoint and PCC email.

First-time students and first-time transfer students are encouraged to complete the Student Success activities of online orientation, check their placement results or complete assessment if needed,  and New Student Group Counseling in order to receive an early registration appointment. First-time students include recent high school graduates (even if they have taken classes at any college while in high school) and others who are age 18 or older and have never attended any other colleges or universities. First-time transfer students include those who have attended another college or university after high school but prior to attending Pasadena City College.  Please see “Student Success and Support Services” at the front of this section for more information.

Returning students are former Pasadena City College students who have not attended in a year or more.  Returning students need to reapply for admission, will receive the email verifying their Lancer ID* and providing instructions to reactivate their LancerPoint account and college email. They may also need to complete one or more of the three Student Success activities if those activities were not completed in the past or if their assessment test results have expired.

*Returning students will keep the same Lancer ID they had when they were students with us before to ensure a true and accurate record. If the Lancer ID is different after a new application has been processed, please alert the Admissions Office immediately.

Concurrent Enrollment Students

Pasadena City College may admit minors who demonstrate through an assessment using multiple measures that they can benefit from advanced scholastic and/or career technical education to take college-level courses that are not available through their primary school or other alternatives. Minors may be permitted to take college courses under very specific circumstances and in most cases are expected to also maintain minimum day attendance at a K-12 school.  

All K-12 students seeking to attend Pasadena City College as concurrent or dual enrollment students must do the following:

  1. Apply online for admission to the college; except that students age 13 and under must submit a written application for admission to the college Admissions and Records office;
  2. Submit all required completed, signed “Recommendation for Admission of Selected Students” paperwork to the Admissions and Records Office at Pasadena City College or one of its instructional sites prior to registration; Though a current high school transcript is not required to be submitted with the “Recommendation for Admission” paperwork, it is helpful to have on hand as questions arise with the processing of applications;
  3. Registration for K-12 and other young students occurs after DSPS, EOPS, Veterans, continuing and new and returning students have registered.
  4. The per-unit enrollment, health, and student representation fees will be waived for all K-12 and other young students who are enrolled in 11 or fewer units in any one term. Nonresident tuition and materials fees (if applicable) are not waived; however, students may be eligible for exemption from payment of nonresident tuition pursuant to the provisions of California Senate bills SB 149 and SB 150. Contact the Admissions and Records Office for more information and the petition forms.

Students admitted under this provision are subject to the same college regulations, policies and procedures that apply to regularly enrolled community college students, including but not limited to standards for attendance and scholarship. Courses attempted, units and grades earned will be recorded in an official student record.  

Students admitted under this provision are not eligible to receive Title IV Federal Financial Aid. See AP 5011 for more information regarding the admission of minors for concurrent or dual enrollment.

Open Enrollment Policy

It is the policy of Pasadena City College that, unless specifically exempted by statute, every course supported by state funds shall be open for enrollment to any person who has been admitted to the College, except that students may be required to meet prerequisites established pursuant to Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations (Sections 55200-55202).

Each class is allowed a maximum number of students which is based on the special nature of the course and/or physical limitations of the facilities. Whenever pre-enrollment in such a class reaches this number, the class is designated as “closed.” Admission to the College does not guarantee space in any class.

Many, not all, classes have Wait Lists. Students may choose to be placed on a Wait List when registering for the term.  If a space in a closed class opens prior to the start of the class, waitlisted students are contacted by email in priority order based on the date they registered on the wait list, and advised to enroll in the class within 48 hours from the time the email was sent. If the 48-hour window is missed the student will be removed from the Wait List. Students remaining on the Wait List must attend the first class meeting to find out if space becomes available. If so, students obtain an Add Code from the instructor and add/register for the course through LancerPoint prior to the last day to add deadline.


Room L104, (626) 585-7251
The PCC Counseling Center is focused on student success. Each Academic Counselor assists students with graduation and degree requirements for transfer, Career Technology Education, or other goals. Academic Counselors can advise students in developing educational goals and selecting appropriate courses to achieve that goal. In addition, Academic Counselors also support student success by connecting them to resources and supports as they progress through their education. They interpret placement results and analyze interests, abilities, challenges and successes. Although Academic Counselors assist in long-range planning and in checking specific requirements, the responsibility for meeting graduation requirements, course prerequisites or requirements for transfer to other colleges or universities is one which must be assumed by each student. 

Services: New Student Counseling Group, Back2Success Workshops, Counseling Courses, One-on-One Appointments, Express Counseling, Preliminary Transcript Evaluation, Graduation, Transfer, Career, Resources, Online Counseling.