Mission of the College

Pasadena City College is an equity-minded learning community dedicated to enriching students’ academic, personal, and professional lives through an array of degree and certificate programs, campus engagement, and customized student support.

At Pasadena City College we serve our students by:

  • Providing courses and programs in a variety of instructional modalities that reflect academic excellence and professional integrity;
  • Fostering a dynamic and creative learning environment that is technologically, intellectually, and culturally stimulating;
  • Challenging our students to participate fully in the learning process and encouraging them to be responsible for their own academic success;
  • Respecting them as individuals who may require diverse and flexible learning opportunities;
  • Supporting organizational practices that facilitate student progress towards their goals; and
  • Encouraging and supporting continuous learning and professional development in those who serve our students: faculty, staff, managers, and administrators.