High School Equivalency Preparation

High School Equivalency Exam Preparation Certificate prepares students to take the language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science subject areas of a high school equivalency exam, such as the GED and HiSET. The curriculum also prepares students for a pathway to other noncredit or credit programs. In addition to reviewing all major subject areas, the program includes activities related to test-taking strategies, hands-on computer practice testing, individual feedback and follow-up, easy access to a local high school equivalency testing center, and access to academic counseling.

A Certificate of Competency is awarded upon completion of all required courses.

Program Outcomes

  • Apply understanding of the concepts in language arts, mathematics, science, and social science that prepare students to pass a high school equivalency exam.
  • Apply critical thinking skills to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate ideas and information.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of mathematical concepts and procedures to answer a question, solve a problem, make a prediction, or carry out a task that has a mathematical dimension.
  • Formulate strategies to comprehend literary and informational text.
  • Compose extended written responses.
  • Prepare students to transition to the workplace or postsecondary education.

Required Courses