Transfer Course Work

Pasadena City College only accepts lower division college level coursework transferred from regionally accredited colleges and universities. These courses are evaluated for applicability to the Associate in Arts or Associate in Science Degrees. There is no guarantee that courses taken at another college will be accepted for credit at Pasadena City College. Many factors are considered when evaluating a course for credit such as: accreditation status of the college, course content, educational quality and rigor, level of credit earned and appropriateness of the other college courses to programs offered at Pasadena City College. A passing score on a competency examination administered by Pasadena City College may be required before credit is granted for courses in mathematics or English taken at other colleges. Transcripts from other accredited colleges are not evaluated until the student has completed 12 units at Pasadena City College. Students may request an evaluation in the Counseling Center. Official transcripts of all previous college work must be submitted to the Admissions and Records Office.

To graduate, a student must achieve at least a C average (2.000 cumulative GPA) for all lower division college units attempted, including transferred grades. Additionally, the student must achieve a minimum of 2.000 GPA in all courses taken at Pasadena City College which can be counted toward the degree for which the student has applied (See Catalog sections on Academic Programs). Grade points in excess of those used in calculating a 2.000 GPA for units attempted at another collegiate institution cannot be used in calculating the C average at Pasadena City College. Grade points earned at other institutions, however, may be counted the same as Pasadena City College grade points in awarding scholarships and loans, and determining membership in honor societies.