Cosmetology – Instructional Techniques in Cosmetology – Certificate of Achievement

Top Code: 3007.00

The curriculum will prepare licensed cosmetologists who want to become cosmetology instructors. Upon successful completion of this program, COSM 150 and COSM 151 (600 hours), a student will be eligible to take the California State Board Instructors Examination for licensure as an instructor.

Students must hold a valid State of California Cosmetology license to enroll in this program. Continuous enrollment until completion of the program is required.

Students will be responsible, during the first week of school, to pay for their tuition, books, CD-ROM, cosmetology supplies and a black lab coat.

A Certificate of Achievement is awarded upon completion of all required courses with a grade of C or better.

Requirements for the Certificate of Achievement

(600 hours)

Semester I
Semester II
Total Units20

Visit the Program Manager for a suggested sequence of courses.

This Certificate of Achievement is not eligible as a major for an Associate Degree.