Empowerment Programs

The Stan Gray Academic Athletic Zone - Room GM112A, (626) 585-3115  
The Stan Gray Academic Athletic Zone is a comprehensive Success Center and Counseling Program that is designed to meet the specific needs of student athletes at Pasadena City College. The program offers new and transfer student athlete orientations, individual and group tutoring, Academic Counseling, Personal Counseling, financial aid assistance, and eligibility/transfer workshops. The primary functions of the program are to provide timely and accurate academic support and improve student success. This program works within the division of student services to support the student athletes of the College. 

Puente Project - Room L110, (626) 585-7860
The Puente Project is a transfer-focused program open to all students. Puente Project coursework focuses on the study of culturally diverse content, with an emphasis on Latinx cultures, histories, and communities. The program includes transfer-level English Composition and Critical Thinking; complemented by both Counseling courses, and peer and professional mentoring. Puente students also take part in regular and state-wide conferences and workshops, as well as visit universities and meet university representatives in preparation for transfer. 

ASCEND Promise Scholars - Room L110, (626) 585-7419
ASCEND Promise Scholars is a holistic student support and empowerment program designed for Men of Color. We provide personalized academic and social support, financial assistance with expenses such as tuition, textbooks, transportation, and technology, a strong sense of community, and mentorship by Men of Color for Men of Color.

Ujima Program - Room CC224, (626) 585-7255
The Pasadena City College (PCC) Ujima Program is a student-centered, learning community dedicated to the success of African-American students in higher education. The Swahili word Ujima (pronounced oo-JEE-ma) meaning “collective work and responsibility”, provides historically under-represented students with an environment that nurtures and supports student development and community involvement. Furthermore, the Ujima Program fosters academic success through culturally relevant curriculum, culturally prescriptive interventions and social justice pedagogy.

This Program seeks to address and shrink the academic achievement gap for African American college students. The Ujima Program uniquely fuses coursework reflective of the African-American experience with the academic rigor required for educational achievement. Students are equipped with success skills, mentoring modules and community building scenarios which helps them to identify with the greater college culture from their first year to their last year at PCC. The Ujima Program Academic Coaching staff is well prepared to work with students from diverse communities. These interactions serve as a valuable resource in the development of student success. Through personal and social engagement strategies, Ujima students (also known as Ujima Queens and Kings) are exposed to campus wide events and activities that enrich leadership skills, builds collaboration among groups and aids in increased retention and persistence rates of our students. Within this learning community students experience the benefits of cohort learning models, dedicated Ujima courses, passionate Ujima teaching faculty and a core group of Academic Counselors and support staff (the Ujima Squad) that constantly work together as advocates for student success. Ujima students are prepped to accomplish their educational and career goals in the academic and global communities. Practicing the philosophy of achievement through collective work and responsibility. 

Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOP&S) - Room L107, (626) 585-7439
The Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOP&S) is a state-funded program that provides educational and financial support services to students who have experienced economic and educational hardships.  The EOP&S program actively encourages the enrollment, retention, and completion of low-income students.  The EOP&S program services include Academic Counseling, advisement, priority registration, tutoring, book vouchers, school supplies, transportation assistance, outreach and recruitment.

NextUp - Room L107, (626) 585-7439
NextUp, formerly known as CAFYES (Cooperating Agencies Foster Youth Educational Support), is a supplemental program of EOP&S to support eligible current and former foster youth.  Students enrolled in the NextUp program receive all the services provided to EOP&S students, in addition to specialized Counseling and advisement, personal and professional development workshops, assistance with books and supplies, transportation, tutoring, food, and emergency housing.

Scholars Transitioning and Realizing Success (STARS)/Foster Youth Program - Room L107, (626) 585-7439
The STARS Program is a comprehensive program to support the educational goals of current and former foster youth students.  The STARS Program services include priority registration, counseling, advisement, book vouchers, school supplies, transportation assistance, personal guidance and mentoring, connection to college support services, life skills, and crisis management advising.

Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE) - Room L107, (626) 585-7439
Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE) is a supplemental program that serves low-income single-parent students who receive cash aid, and would like to attend college on a full-time basis to achieve their educational goal of a certificate, degree, and/or transfer.  The CARE program assists single parents with children under the age of eighteen. Students enrolled in the CARE program receive all the services provided to EOP&S students, in addition to, specialized Academic Counseling, success workshops, and financial assistance.
Program for Academic Support Services (PASS) - Room D112, (626) 585-7815
The Program for Academic Support Services (PASS) is funded by the U.S. Department of Education to increase the retention, graduation and transfer rates of low-income, first generation and students with disabilities. Services provided by PASS include tutoring, Academic Counseling, financial aid and scholarship assistance, financial literacy workshops, transfer support, and career advising. PASS provides a holistic approach to student development and success.  Participants will gain knowledge and skills to empower them to achieve their educational goals and ultimately obtain a bachelor’s degree at a four-year institution.

CalWORKs Program - Room L107, (626) 585-7060
The PCC CalWORKs (California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids) Program is designed to provide holistic support and services to students with children under 18 that are receiving county cash aid (welfare) while enrolled at the college. CalWORKs students are working toward the completion of county-approved education/training programs and have the opportunity to participate in CalWORKs specific work-study employment that will not reduce their cash aid. The program assists students with Academic Counseling, personal and job development, processing county paperwork, and some financial assistance with books, educational supplies, transportation and childcare fees. With funding from the California Community College Chancellor’s Office and in partnership with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services, the CalWORKs Program strives to guide and partner with students on their journey to success.