Costs of Attending College

The fees and tuition costs are subject to change by State law or at the discretion of the College. The information listed below was correct at the time of Catalog publication.


State law prescribes payment of the following enrollment fee each semester or session:
Enrollment Fee.....$46 per unit

All students pay the following fees unless exempted by law:

Fee Cost
Enrollment Fee $46 per unit
Health Fee $23 per semester/$19 per intersession
Student Representation Fee $2.00 per term
Course/Materials Fee Varies with course
Student Activity Fee $10.00 per semester/$5.00 per intersession

Non-California Residents Tuition and Fees

Fee Cost
Enrollment $46.00 per unit
Capital Outlay* $31.00 per unit
Health* $26.00 per semester/$22.00 per intersession
Student Representation $2.00 per term
Non-California Resident* $414.00 per unit (in addition to standard enrollment fee)
Course/Materials Fee Varies with course
Student Activity Fee $10.00 per semester/$5.00 per intersession

Nonresident students who attended high school in California for three or more years; graduated from a California high school or attained the equivalent (e.g., passed the high school proficiency or GED exam); and are U.S. citizens, immigrant aliens, or never-documented aliens may be eligible for exemption from nonresident tuition. Such students should contact the Admissions Office for more information. Nonresident Tuition and Capital Outlay Fees increases or decreases are subject to board approval by March 1 for each succeeding fiscal year.

Instructional Materials Fee

Students enrolled in credit or noncredit courses and programs may be required to provide certain instructional and other materials including, but not limited to tools, equipment and clothing.

Refund Policy

A student who has paid fees and withdraws from all or part of his/her enrollment by the deadline date will get an automatic refund after the semester census date. The college delivers your refund with BankMobile Disbursements, a technology solution, powered by BMTX, Inc. Visit this link for more information: