ESLN Advanced Oral Communication Skills - Certificate of Competency

The ESLN Advanced Oral Communication Skills certificate program is designed for intermediate to advanced students (ESLN levels 4, 5 and above) who seek to improve their listening and speaking skills in American English in order to achieve more effective communication at work, school and in the community. The program includes targeted instruction and practice in advanced skills in listening comprehension, pronunciation, conversation strategies, and oral presentations, within the context of advanced vocabulary and grammar structures.

A Certificate of Competency is awarded upon completion of all required courses.

Total Hours: 36 - 108 hours

Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrate ability to comprehend spoken English in a variety of real-life situations and recorded media.
  • Express simple and complex ideas orally in a clear manner using appropriate pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and interpersonal and intercultural communication strategies.
  • Effectively use prosodic features, such as stress, rhythm, prominence, thought groups, intonation, linking and reduced speech, in informal and formal speech contexts involving intermediate to advanced vocabulary and structures.

Required Courses