Cosmetology – Associate in Science Degree, Certificate of Achievement

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The Cosmetology Certificate of Achievement is a comprehensive curriculum that prepares students for the Cosmetology Certificate of Achievement is a comprehensive curriculum that prepares students for the California State Board of Cosmetology Exam and a wide range of careers in the beauty industry. The curriculum offers theoretical and practical disciplines as well as interactive demonstrations and hands-on applications that train students to become creative professionals and gain entry level employment as cosmetologists, nail technicians, aestheticians, salon managers or small business owners.

The program requires a minimum of 1,600 hours and will take approximately one year to complete with full-time commitment. All students will start in the Intro to Cosmetology class, which is an introductory course that teaches basic cosmetology principles and techniques. The program costs approximately $4,000, with $2,000 of the total cost required during the first week of the program. The $2,000 includes tuition, kit, books, uniforms, and other school related materials. Students must have the cosmetology kit, books, and uniforms within the first week of the Intro to Cosmetology class. According to State Board regulation, students must have proof of 10th grade high school completion to enroll in the program.

After completion of Intro to Cosmetology with a passing grade of C or above, students can take Haircutting, Hair Color, Hair Styling, Chemical Texture, Skin Care, Nail Care, State Board, and Professional Development classes, which concentrate on specific topics of the cosmetology field. All classes must be passed with a C or above grade or must be retaken for a passing grade to complete the program. Each class will be offered twice per semester, every 8 weeks. Students will have the flexibility of part-time or full-time commitment to the program. Full-time commitment is strongly recommended, as students will be able to finish the program and become licensed in approximately 1 year. COSM 109 Salon lab class is a 4-week class offered for students who have completed and passed the rest of the classes, but have not reached the required State Board hours. Students must register for the Salon class to accumulate the required hours by working on clients in a salon setting. Once students have successfully passed all classes and completed the 1,600 hour program, they will receive a Certificate of Achievement and be able to take the State of California Cosmetology Exam to become licensed cosmetologists.

A student who is dropped from the program for unsafe or inappropriate conduct, or excessive absences twice is not eligible to re-enroll except upon approval of the college Petitions Committee. Students who have acquired 300 or less hours in another cosmetology program may be admitted to the program subject to availability of space.

A Certificate of Achievement is awarded upon completion of all required courses with a grade of C or better.

Program Outcomes

  • Enhance conversational abilities and build confidence to communicate with clients from different cultural backgrounds.
  • Evaluate client needs and select appropriate techniques and products to achieve desired results.
  • Use current technology effectively to keep up with trends in the beauty industry.
  • Work effectively as a team member in a diverse environment.
  • Demonstrate customer service skills, self-growth, and personal development to remain current with industry standards.

Requirements for the Certificate of Achievement

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Recommended electives


Visit the Program Manager for a suggested sequence of courses.

General Education Requirements for the Associate in Science Degree